Integrated Software Ecosystems


Offshore Software Development in Romania for Reliable Integrated Software Ecosystem.

Our view on offshore software development in Romania shifted to offshore integrated software ecosystems development. In the context of DX (digital transformation), businesses who used to think in terms of IT systems or function need now to understand the size, the form and type of ecosystems they are acting in.

What Is The Meaning of Offshore Software Development?

Our integrated software ecosystems services delivered as offshore software development in Romania include IoT application development, cloud application development, mobile application development and rapid prototyping, These four main capabilities are based on our team experience, technical skills and interests.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping with an offshore software development team in Romania translates into business agility and resource availability. The rapid prototyping offshoring services are relatively new, but it makes sense for a business who’s R&D or innovation department is looking for viable alternatives to keep the pace with the markets demands for apps and software solutions.

Romania hosts one of the ideal places to offshore

Opting for offshore software development in Romania for rapid development, especially in Cluj-Napoca, relies on highly skilled engineers, often having high-degrees in particular areas: computer assisted design, predictive modelling, system architecture, application architecture, digital business modelling. Find out more.

Mobile App Development

Whether your device runs on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or other, OvesEnterprise is glad to pitch for your mobile app development project. What is beautiful about mobile development, is the wealth of ideas that rise around mobile devices. The way in which they connect to the INTERENET or to other devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular networks and near field communication, the possibilities to capture data via barcode, RFID, smart card readers and other sensors, in order to integrate all this data into useful apps on your mobile devices, everything opens a new universe for both developers and users.

Mobile First

The open source platforms (like Android, BlackBerry Secure, Flyme, HTC Sense, or Tizen) or the closed source platforms (like iOS) require specific skills set from the development team in order to elaborate reliable apps.
We invite you to discover the technical inventory that you may access while making offshore software development in Romania for user-centric apps in order to step to the next phase where AR and VR technologies are integrated with mobile user devices.

Cloud Development

The underlying paradigm shift for the recent cloud development sector is that businesses think about reducing infrastructure costs, reusing tools and solutions in order to scale, focus on core business not on operational activities.


The entire infrastructure for storage, database and servers may be seamlessly provided through the cloud (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service)


The development tools, integration tools and user interface tools can be controlled via the cloud. The code may be developed directly in the clod. (PaaS – Platform as a Service)


The industry-related solution will most likely run on cloud infrastructure and a cloud powered platform, turning into a software as a service model. (SaaS)

Cloud Apps are not exclusively dependent on web browsers to be accessed. At OvesEnterprise we consider that cloud application evolve through the cloud and should feature multi-tenancy and support for virtualization technology.

In this respect, our offshore software development team from Romania has already a valuable experience with re-engineering web applications that possess similar authentic features as the cloud apps of the latest versions.

IoT Development

The IoT universe is spectacular. The “connected everything” vision empowered by users, policymakers and engineers gets exponentially to manifest across all sectors. For all providers of offshore software development in Romania this was one of the best technology trends to ride. Why? Because Iot development relies a lot on embedded programming and connectivity.


Our offshore software development unit from Romania will assist and consult the customers for:

  • Choosing the hardware platform
  • Elaborate the software and networking support
  • Build the integrated UI (SaaS)
  • Build APIs, beacons, web sockets, and procedure calls
  • Ensure system security measures
  • Provide data storage and analytics tools


As concluding ideas, in order to achieve fully-fledged integrated software ecosystems, companies and businesses ought to focus on choosing the right software development partner.

OvesEnterprise has an authentic view on the importance of quality software and how to achieve it. From prototyping an application, to developing fully integrated solutions across diverse environments and systems, the team will dedicate to the overall success of the project.

Full responsibility for the software development work, for the provided solutions, their testing and maintenance is part of our cooperation model.

The offshore software development in Romania for rapid prototyping, mobile development, cloud development and IoT Development is powered by user-centric principles, design thinking methods, cloud enabled approach and high-security protocols.

How to get in touch with our software development team?

Describe your idea, write down the goal of the project, define use cases, set the specifications and constraints and send a request on our official e-mail address: It is also important to prepare all your questions about our company, so that you receive all the answers you were looking for.

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