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IT Outsourcing
Control over the IT costs

IT Outsourcing is an effective way to keep control over the IT costs.
For businesses that have their core in other areas than software development or IT, it is recommended to let the IT area be handled by a professional team.

Under the IT Outsourcing category Oves Enterprise handles:
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Software Development Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing equals to contracting a specialized team to deliver a turnkey solution. The key fact is that software development outsourcing brings along not only financial benefits but also in-depth programming expertise.

Oves Enterprise's software development outsourcing capabilities cover the full software development life cycle. Product/Project Managers and CTOs know best what type of software development outsourcing services they need and we usually start with a software requirements specification.

Advantages & Benefits


  • Proficiency and Expertise
  • Concentration on business core processes
  • Risk-sharing
  • Lower operational costs
  • Multi-language communication skills
  • Project Scalability
  • Proximity to European locations due to the city’s international airport
  • Tax facilities for programmers in Romania


  • Faster go-to-market
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Potential for growth and development
  • Higher business margins
  • Broader geographical coverage
  • Reduced project costs
  • Rapid access to the software development team
  • Lower hiring costs

Software Development Cycle

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When initiating a software outsourcing cooperation with Oves Enterprise, the outsourcing partner will benefit of the team’s openness to discuss different technology solutions. Next, Oves Enterprise team is ready to assume the commonly agreed responsibilities in the outsourcing project.

Software Development Outsourcing Contract and Agreements with Oves Enterprise

Software development outsourcing projects are rather complex and difficult to structure, manage and run. The greatest outcome of the outsourcing contracts is the financial advantage between two companies from two different countries.

Romania has a developing economy and still has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. On the contrary, the pool of talented and skillful software developers is one of the best in Europe. Therefore, software development outsourcing contracts with Romanian partners resulted as a legacy of the former regime’s education system oriented towards science and technical excellence.

Fit Your Business Scope!

Oves Enterprise has encountered all kind of situations and we agree that each customer and project is unique.

The Turnkey Software Solution. When turnkey software is delivered the software development team is fully responsible for the quality and functionalities of the end-product. The decision around the software development outsourcing provider goes around complex criteria:

  • Can the software development-outsourcing provider design the appropriate soloution?
  • Can the selected team implement at the promised quality?
  • Can and will they meet the deadline for market-release?
  • Can they further provide outsourcing for technical support and maintenance?
  • Will the software development outsourcing contract fit in a pre-established budget?

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