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Benefits of Partnering

A multi-tiered incentive program;Enhanced technical resources; Sales and technical training; A wide range of collaborative sales pursuits; Access to world-class expertise.

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About our Partner Program!

Partner Levels

Alliance Partners

If your company is a high-level strategic consultancy with expertise in a specific business category and/or vertical industry (retail, automotive, healthcare etc.), you are a great fit as an Alliance Partner. This partner type can also include small boutique firms with specialties in one or two large organizations.

Advisory Partners

Advisory Partners are large companies with broad capabilities that do not have a direct commercial interest in a partnership with OvesEnterprise. These partners can work with us by referencing OvesEnterprise in industry reports or in conversations with the C-level executives at potential clients. In return, we support prospective client pitches with these partners, or may for example appear with them at various industry events, conferences and panel discussions.

OEM Partners

Your company will make a great OEM Partner if you’re an ISV with products that will benefit from a white-labeled, out-of-the-box, embedded OvesEnterprise integration. An OEM partner rebrands OvesEnterprise products as their own and more tightly integrates our technology into its proprietary solutions. By white-labeling offerings, this type of partner sells the solution directly and has its own unique go-to-market strategy, including pricing, licensing and marketing.

Solution Partners

Similar to Implementation Partners, Solution Partners have extensive business partnerships and relationships with large organizations. However, these partners also are experts in a specific industry or vertical. Solution Partners can help us with implementations, or resell our products on our behalf. Additionally, Solution Partners sell proprietary solutions built onto OvesEnterprise’s technology portfolio.

Education Partners

Education Partners are institutions of note or merit that can help extend our expertise. Through these partnerships, we can assist or advise on coursework and extra-curricular programs that create a pipeline of automation and cognitive talent.

Implementation Partners

If your company has wide-ranging technology capabilities in the professional services space, you can join the ranks of our Implementation Partners. We want to tap into your extensive business partnerships and close relationships with executives at large organizations. You don’t need to be a large-scale company for this partner level, but you must have solid technical expertise and capabilities.

Some of Our Current Partners

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